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From unincorporated Midwest town to golden Hollywood, Jake'O has paved his way through diverse music terrain. He captivates all age groups with his electric stage presence, timeless appearance, and Nuvo-Retro sound.​ 


Jake’O mesmerized millions of viewers in 2022 with his debut television performance on the series premiere of NBC’s American Song Contest. He received sincere praise from Snoop Dog and Kelly Clarkson for his raw showmanship and vintage-futuristic style. Jake'O has collaborated with NYC music producer, Ali Dee (e.g. Pitch Perfect’s “Cups”, Spider Man: Homecoming, Despicable Me 2) and has worked with giant music robot, Atlantic Records. In 2018, Jake’O performed at Summerfest –The World’s Largest Music Festival– with artists such as The Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, Buddy Guy, Shawn Mendes, and Marshmello.


Jake’O is a Filipino-American singer, songwriter, guitarist, performer, and producer who exudes the “It Factor” aura. When people attend his shows they shockingly refer to him as a modern day Elvis, with musical bloodlines running from Prince to Bruno Mars. His music has a simple-complexity which he believes can “teleport listeners to reside in the past, present, and future within one song”.


Jake'O Logo Font


“Feel Your Love” is kind of retro, kinda futuristic, and it could be the country’s next smash hit.”

 - Snoop Dog (NBC, 03/21/2022)


“That was Jake’O everybody! I love that vibe. You guys are singing all the words!” 

- Kelly Clarkson (NBC, 03/21/2022)


“I could instantly hear the influences and wondered if this guy had crawled out of a time tunnel.  Although Jake’O has a throwback sound, his album is a modern package of songs. Jake'O is a young artist that sounds like he has lived a lifetime of experiences." 

- Phil Nee (100.9 FM WRCO Radio, Program Director)




The Hollow Years
(LP - 2017 - No Longer Available)

(LP - 2018 - No Longer Available)

(EP - 2023)

(LP - Coming Soon in 2024)


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